Norma Eco Power-22 Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 24 Grain Fragmenting Hollow Point Lead Free


Norma Eco Power-22 Ammunition penetrates with up to 58% increased velocity. The 100% lead free round offers a deadly effect and is the perfect choice for small game hunting and plinking. The cartridge features a 24.7gr zinc copperplated bullet and a nickel-plated brass case. It has been developed with single shot and bolt action rifles in mind, however it is safe to shoot in all .22 LR handguns and rifles. Please note that due to the relatively light projectile weight, some semi-autos may need to be manually cycled with this ammunition.


Lead-free is quickly becoming more and more popular in rimfire hunting rounds. Lighter bullets with higher velocity makes these hunting rounds perfect choices in the varmint category. Flat trajectories and astonishing accuracy makes ECO Power-22 fun and effective ammo to shoot with and the effect with these lead-free rounds is amazing. Especially with its fragmenting Projectile which delivers deadly stopping power upon impact.



  • Extreme Knock-Down Power due to Fragmenting Bullet
  • Hyper Velocity due to lighter Bullet
  • Fragmenting Hollow Point Zinc Bullet with copper plating
  • Reliable high quality nickel-plated brass case for consistent gun cycling
  • 100% lead-free, even including the primer